Toyota Tsusho Connected Middle East makes it easy for all our clients to understand every step of the service they select. Our system of intelligent software and devices can help businesses and individuals make data-based decisions. We attend to all our client’s needs and questions regarding the advanced Fleet Management System.

Can I track multiple vehicles in my fleet at the same time with Fleemo?

Yes. Fleemo is an advanced Fleet Management system allowing users the opportunity to track all connected onboard vehicles at the same time. Very attractive app design and easy to understand interface makes it possible for everyone to track, manage and respond to each vehicle and road conditions with real-time data.

Can I use Fleemo if my fleet doesn't have any TOYOTA cars?

Yes. Fleemo is compatible with all types of vehicles. Toyota Tsusho Connected Middle East has made sure all vehicles can use our advanced Fleemo platform to make it easy for managers to track and respond to vehicle and road situations. Our system works effortlessly for cars and big commercial vehicles in Dubai and across the middle east. We also service all other parts of the world as well.

Is Fleemo easy to understand for my drivers?

Yes. Toyota Tsusho Connected Middle East has made sure our Fleemo platform has the shortest learning curve. It has basic operational requirement and can run on all connected devices. Also, drivers can receive, interact and respond to instructions on their connected devices in real-time.

Do drivers get a separate app of their own?

Yes. We have designed our Fleet Management, Route Planning and Dispatch Management systems to be very interactive and intuitive. Drivers get an app for their own device. All modern mobile devices and platforms are supported with our advanced solution. Driver and vehicle management can occur at the same time.