Fleemo Fleet Management System
Monitor, Analyze, and make your fleet management efficient
Tracking your fleet live is important to cut costs and improve efficiency. With our advanced Fleemo platform, now you can. Our real time GPS vehicle tracking & fleet management system is specialized and adapted for your business.
Why Choose Our Fleet Management Solution?
Efficient Fleet Management

With our advanced Fleet Management Solution (Fleemo), boosts the operational efficiency of your entire fleet. Make more efficient vehicle management decisions with live, real-time information available on all connected devices. Improve vehicle management and driver management with live vehicle status, real-time notification, and all other variables.

Cost Reduction

The biggest problem with deliveries is extravagant costs that are generally there because of poor fleet management. With our highly efficient Fleemo system, you can better control every aspect of your deliveries. Reduce costs with live traffic and route information. Give clear instructions to your drivers and improve your operation to achieve cost reduction

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Sustainable Business

Fleemo brings an advanced way to guarantee business sustainability for logistics and self-managed fleet organizations. Our platform improves your business model with long-term data-based planning and delivery scheduling options. Enjoy a more sustainable cost-efficient business and eco-friendly business where drivers and managers can interact with KPI(Key Performance Indicator) available in easy-to-understand way.

Data-Based Intelligent Decision Making

Fleemo is all about improving fleet management decision making. Our advanced vehicle tracking system takes into account real-time live information to help make data-based insightful decisions. Take control of your entire fleet. Track, plan and instruct drivers to the best most efficient routes. Save time, money and effort to make your fleet management business more advanced with insightful decisions.

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